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KE251 6 Axis-CNC Hobbing Machine

A Warm-Up Free and Complete Dry Cut Hobbing Machine (Wet Cut Hobbing Machine or Wet/Dry Cut Hobbing Machine is optionally available.)

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter�F250mm
  • Max. Module�F6

  • Typical Parts Hobbed

    ・ Large Automotive Transmission Gear
    ・ Truck Gear
    ・ Final Ring Gear
    ・ Motorcycle Gear
    ・ Agricultural Machine Gear
    ・ Construction Machine Middle Size Gear

    Hobbing Video

    KE251 Dry Cut Hobbing

    KE251 Wet Cut Hobbing (Water Soluble Coolant)

    A Compact Hobbing Machine with Increased Rigidity

    The X, Y and Z axes guideways are hand-scraped to increase the way load bearing capacity which creates stable hobbing of large module gears. The machine body has a flat and narrow design by optimally allocating the peripheral equipment into mechanical free areas. Also, the design of the covers, wiring and piping around the hob head is significantly improved creating a “clean” machine appearance.

    Two Machine Layouts

    There are two types of machine footprints available depending on the factory layout. One is type A (standard) which has a narrower machine width than its predecessor. The other is type B which is suitable for an automated part transfer production line.

    Stable Hobbing Accuracies

    The newly developed “Tooth Thickness Stabilizer” Compensation Device (patent pending) maintains the center distance between the hob/work table and is included as a standard feature. Due to this “Tooth Thickness Stabilizer” the KE251 delivers a stable O.B.D. (tooth thickness) size producing a variation of less than ±10 μm from mean size.

    Ultra-Fast Dry Cut Hobbing and High Speed Hobbing
using Water Soluble Coolant

    Ultra-fast dry cut hobbing at a surface speed of 300m/min is possible. Also, large pitch gears, which are difficult to dry cut, can be hobbed with the use of water soluble coolant allowing high speed hobbing as fast as dry cut hobbing (Optional modifications to the machine are required when using water soluble coolant).

    Reduced Lubrication Oil Consumption

    The new lubrication system using low-viscosity grease is employed. With this system the lubrication cycle interval is extended as compared to the previous oil circulating system providing a significant reduction of lubrication oil consumption.

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