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A Message from the President

First and Foremost, Human Resources Development Produces the Best Manufacturing Process.


Our company was founded in 1913, and has steadily grown based on our continuing management philosophy to create machines that are both user-friendly, and take the view point of users. I would like to thank our customers, business partners and many other stakeholders for their many years of support and patronage.

The high-quality machinery we make requires the skills of our craftsmen and knowledge of our specialist engineers. We will spare no effort in building an educational system that will support the next 100 year's Kashifuji’s growth and allow the younger generation to grow, and to create a workplace environment that encourages active learning and self-improvement. We will continue to focus our efforts on developing each employee, with the idea that great manufacturing begins with the development of human resources.

As a world leading company in the hobbing machine industry, we will continue to contribute to society through the development of our business in response to the expectations of our stakeholders. We would like to ask for your continued patronage and support.

KASHIFUJI Tatsuo, President

企業は人 人は宝なり


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